Codename Circumference: a Diameter protocol implementation


Circumference is an implementation of a WebAuth client and server by the 2008Q1/Q2 Network Telematics Practical Course of University of Göttingen to showcase the Diameter WebAuth subprotocol, also called a Diameter application.

Circumference uses a radically different approach compared to other Diameter implementations; it supplies a client-server architecture to the Diameter protocol that was originally intended to be a peer-to-peer protocol.

The software package is comprised of a library API, client programs and a modularized standalone server.

WebAuth specifies an extension to the Diameter protocol and provides means to let clients, predominantly web servers, perform authentication against a Diameter server using the common HTTP authentication schemes: Basic and Digest-MD5. The specification also includes authorization against service identifiers such as URI, username, etc. WebAuth may also be used by non-web based clients as a lightweight authentication and authorization application.




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